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FORUM8 and ILTP Consulting are pleased to announce the Irish launch of the software plug-in that links two market leading technologies.


S-Paramics users can now exchange data with the Japanese 3D Visual Interactive Simulation software UC-win/Road. This allows modellers to include the results of the simulation in a high quality visual environment and gives users an interactive environment to view the traffic operations.


UC-win/Road and S-Paramics are used all over the world as the preferred solutions for urban and transport planning and design projects. S-Paramics’ strength is in  predictive modelling, deriving flow patterns and congestion levels from travel demand inputs and driver behaviour. UC-win/Road’s key strength is in the quality of its visual representation of the road environment. Linking the two products gives the users the best of both worlds and enables them to visualise future road traffic scenarios.


The latest plug-in for UC-win/Road to be released by the Tokyo based design team is the S-Paramics Plug-in. This enables data exchange between UC-win/Road and S-Paramics providing a seamless link between one of the leading traffic micro-simulation solutions and the latest interactive 3D visual immersion technologies.

Program Features & Benefits

The objective of this plug-in is to facilitate the high resolution and accurate visualisation of complex traffic simulations.


S-Paramics and UC-win/Road share the same road network information by exchanging geometric data of the roadway.

The S-Paramics / OpenMicroSim Conversion Tool enables improved visualisation of the traffic simulation generated by S-Paramics. The plug-in can then be used to enable UC-win/Road to visualise the positions and movement of all the vehicles.

The Interactive 3D Visual environment of UC-win/Road can be used to visualise landscapes, road designs and traffic as well as to check road conditions from the driver's viewpoint using state-of-the-art Forum8 Drive Simulators. The overall workflow involved in traffic micro-simulation can be greatly reduced by generating the road network data in UC-win/Road and then using it within S-Paramics.


When importing vehicle positions into the UC-win/Road 3D environment you can also import traffic profiles from S-Paramics. In addition vehicle types can be automatically assigned from the S-Paramics Vehicle Model Library from inside UC-win/Road.


The reciprocal data exchange between the Virtual Reality and Traffic Analysis environments creates an ideal combination of high quality visualisation and state-of-the-art simulation technology. The result is improved stakeholder understanding, faster visualisation and lower costs.

Data Exchange Function

Due to the difference in data format for road networks in traffic simulation and in Virtual Reality, data conversion is required. S-Paramics does not require as much information about the visual environment of the roads for simulating traffic as UC-win/Road does therefore, from a practical point of view it is more sensible to carry out detailed 3D environment development after the micro-analysis data has been imported into UC-win/Road from S-Paramics.

However, as accurate 3D built environments can be produced quickly and easily in UC-win/Road another solution is to build the 3D environment in UC-win/Road and then export this to S-Paramics so that the detailed traffic settings, including connection points, can be added prior to running the simulation, which can then be viewed back within the UC-win/Road model.

The whole philosophy behind the development of the plug-in was to minimize the work load by exchanging data between the two systems.

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