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MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) is an adaptive traffic signal control system.   MOVA uses advanced traffic control algorithms to increase capacity and minimise delay at traffic signals.   The algorithms are based on detector activations, typically from inductive-loop detectors buried in the road surface.  MOVA is in use at over 1000 sites in the UK, covering a range of junctions from large high-speed to smaller suburban and even urban sites.  MOVA also provides pedestrian facilities, facilities for emergency and priority control (e.g. for buses), and can be configured to operate differently according to time of day and week.


PC-MOVA provides a link between MOVA and S-Paramics microsimulation modelling.  The advantage of this is the benefits of installing MOVA on-site can bee determined in a traffic model prior to any capital expenditure on site.