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Traffic Engineering


ILTP’s traffic engineering division are highly experienced in producing creative but practical solutions that balance often competing demands in a complex urban environment.



ILTP provide an innovative approach to traffic engineering in Ireland. ILTP’s detailed traffic engineering advice ranging from data collection methods to analysis techniques and assessments using the full suite of traffic assessment programs - including TRICS, ARCADY, PICADY, LINSIG, S-Paramics, UC-win/Road, Autoturn, MX Roads. Parkcad, Torus, Autocad & Saturn.


Junction Design Road and Highway Engineering


ILTP are experienced in carrying out Junction Road and Highway Design Layouts from preliminary design right through to detail design standard.


Type of Junction/Road design carried out by ILTP include:


  • Full signalized design layouts

  • Priority Junction Layouts

  • TR 2500 Forms

  • Route Design

  • Full Vertical and Horizontal layouts

  • Roundabout Design

  • Urban Realm



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