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Land Use Planning


ILTP provide a wide range of expertise and skills in the planning and assessment of land uses with regards to the appropriate development and roll out of infrastructure.  The efficient use of land is vital in ensuring benefit for the wider economy and population as well as the protection of the environment. In order to do this the integration of land use and transportation is crucial. ILTP because of their particular expertise in Planning and Transportation are ideally placed to maximise these benefits.


ILTP have considerable experience in Land Use Planning, particularly in areas experiencing significant changes in the provision of transport infrastructure.


Masterplans / Integrated Area Plans

ILTP have either individually or as part of a project team prepared Masterplans for areas of land significantly affected by major transport infrastructure investments. These Masterplans identify and maximise the opportunities to be derived from transport upgrades and act as a guide for development in the area. One such Masterplan was prepared for lands adjacent to the Southern Relief Road in Limerick, which provides a tunnel underneath the River Shannon.


County Development Plan / LAP Submissions

County Development Plans and Local Area Plans (LAP) are key land-use policy documents. The preparation of these Plans, which in the case of County Development Plans must be done every 6 years allows an opportunity for individuals and organisations to influence land-use policy and zonings through the making of such submissions. ILTP have prepared a large number of such submissions to Local Authorities throughout Ireland. These have in many cases directly influenced Development Plans and led to extensive areas of land being re-zoned.


Integrated Framework Plan, Land Use, Urban Design & Transport Report (IFPLUT)

Local Authorities have a statutory obligation to prepare Development Plans. ILTP have assisted Local Authorities prepare these Development Plans and Local Area Plans (LAP) through the undertaking of Integrated Framework Land Use, Urban Design & Transport Reports. These reports provide a coherent strategy that integrates land use and transport. This is particularly important in areas experiencing significant changes in transport infrastructural provision. ILTP have prepared a number of such IFPLUT documents including one for Navan where the opening of the M3 and the Dublin – Navan rail line will significantly affect transport and land use within the town.


Development Briefs

ILTP prepare development briefs for sites of varying sizes throughout the country. These development briefs can elucidate and exemplify plan policies, thereby giving greater certainty to all those involved in the design and development process regarding what would constitute appropriate development in a partiuclar site.  A development briefs  prepared by ILTP will therefore provide detailed guidance on matters including the interpretation of policy, and the principles of design, layout and landscaping in relation to sites that, and in particular issues pertaining to accessing of the site.



Transport Planning


ILTP provide high quality transport and highways planning advice through all stages of the planning process from initial feasibility studies / design through to planning applications and feasibility design issues for all types of development schemes.


ILTP provides an innovative approach to solving our clients' problems. A thorough knowledge of the planning system & transport legislation is combined with specialist transport planning and traffic engineering skills to deliver intelligent, cost effective solutions specific to the needs of each project.

We advise a wide range of clients comprising of land owners, 'blue chip' companies, developers, and public sector bodies. We listen to our clients' requirements and tailor our work to achieve their objectives & goals. ILTP regularly work in teams with other professionals and understand the inter-relationships between our advice and other disciplines. The ability to work successfully with other professionals is fundamental to ensuring our clients' objectives are achieved on programme and within budget.


Click links to download PDF project sheets for more information on specific projects:


Cherrywood Science and Technology Park

Light Rail Extension Adamstown and West Dublin

Navan LAP 5 Traffic Impact Assessemnt (TIA) & Mobility Management Plan (MMP)

Adamstown Mobility Management Plan


Cork South Docklands LAP

R118 Wyattville to Glenageary QBC and Upgrade Scheme


Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs)

ILTP provide high quality transport and highways planning advice through all stages of the planning process from initial feasibility studies / design through to planning applications.




Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA) are an integral part of this process. A thorough knowledge of the planning system combined with specialist transport planning and traffic engineering skills allows ILTP to deliver intelligent, rigorous Traffic Impact Assessments.


TIA are used to ascertain the effect a proposed development will have and identify methods by which any negative impacts may be reduced and mitigated.


A TIA can be a stand alone document or be prepared as part of an Environmental Assessment. ILTP have undertaken TIA for various development types including residential, commercial and retail developments. The scale and size of these developments has also varied from small local developments to large scale developments of regional or national significance such as:


Adamstown SDZ
Dublin Central
Cherrywood Science & Technology Park


In carrying out a TIA, ILTP may undertake a number of distinct tasks. These include the establishment of base traffic levels through carrying out or obtaining data from traffic counts. Also the capacity of the existing and future road network will be analysed through the use of S-Paramics, Picady, Arcady, Saturn, LinSig or other transport modelling software.

Such a level of analysis will increase the likelihood of a proposed development being granted planning permission an will reduce design, land acquisition and construction costs through the identification of the most appropriate access and movement strategy.





Depending on the scale and type of development proposed ILTP may also undertake a number of additional tasks including:


Assessment of Car Parking Provision

Auto Turn Assessment of Access, Egress and Internal Movement

Preparation of Construction and Occupation Mobility Management Plans

Preparation of Traffic Management Plan

Undertake a Road Safety Audit

The quality of the analysis and the rigorous Traffic Assessments prepared by ILTP have assisted the granting of planning permission for developments throughout Ireland.